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Two-Step Authentications (State & USDOS)

**Navigating Two-Step Authentications: State & USDOS**

When your document requires recognition both within the United States and on the international stage, the Two-Step Authentication process becomes essential. This dual authentication involves Apostillation by the State where the document originated or was notarized and further Authentication by the U.S. Department of State (USDOS), enabling its use outside the United States.

**Understanding Two-Step Authentication: A Comprehensive Approach**

Two-Step Authentication is a nuanced process designed to meet the dual requirements of domestic and international acceptance. The initial step involves Apostillation by the State, ensuring the document's compliance with local regulations. Subsequently, USDOS Authentication is sought to validate the document for international use.

**Document Eligibility Assessment: Streamlining the Process**

To initiate the Two-Step Authentication for your document, reach out to our office at (213) 400-7622 or conveniently book an appointment online. For a preliminary assessment of document eligibility, consider emailing a copy of your document (front and back) to us. This proactive step allows us to verify if your document can undergo the Authentication process and provides you with a transparent quote.

**Transparent Quoting: Knowing the Costs in Advance**

We understand the importance of clarity when it comes to costs. By contacting us, you gain insight into the associated fees for the Two-Step Authentication process. Our commitment is to transparency, ensuring that you are informed about the financial aspects before proceeding with the authentication of your document.

**Efficiency at Every Step: Your Partner in Authentication**

We pride ourselves on offering efficient and comprehensive services to meet your authentication needs. Whether your document requires Apostillation by the State, USDOS Authentication, or both, we are here to guide you through the process. Contact us today to commence the Two-Step Authentication journey and ensure that your document is recognized both nationally and internationally.

All Apostille and Authentication processing fees include all government fees and domestic return shipping to you via FedEx/UPS/DHL.

$355.00 per document

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