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A notarized document, an official State document, or a Vital document that is to be used outside of the United States generally may be Apostilled in the State where the document was issued/originated, or was notarized.

Most State Apostilled documents are notarized documents and Vital documents, and only need the State Apostille if they are to be used in a Hague country. Vital documents must be originals (no copies) and be signed by the County Clerk or State Registrar.

Please call our office at (213) 400-7622 or book an appointment below. If you email a copy of your document to us first (front and back), we can verify if the document can be Apostilled and provide a quote.

All Apostille and Authentication processing fees include all government fees and domestic return shipping to you via FedEx/UPS/DHL.

$180.00 per document (most states)

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