Apostilles and Legalizations

Posted on May 11th, 2023

An agreement known as the Hague Convention was entered into in 1961 by many countries around the world. This agreement created a method of certifying documents for universal recognition called "Apostilles." This agreement simplified the legalization process of foreign documents for use in Hague Convention countries ( "Hague Countries"). The process for each country is diverse. and is subject to change at any time. This is why our Apostille and Document Authentication services are top tier as we stay abreast of the latest policy changes to the legalization process of foreign documents.

An Apostille is a form of authentication issued to documents for use in a country outside of the United States that participates in the Hague Convention of 1961. If the Country of Destination does not participate in the Hague Convention, documents being sent to that country would require a Certificate of Authentication. Jim the Notary and Apostille will help you get the Apostille or Certificate of Authentication required for your document's Country of Destination.

Documents for public use outside the United States generally need to be authenticated by a Designated Competent Authority ("DCA ") in which the documents originated. All Apostilles will receive a seal from the DCA, including various mandatory references. When a document is Apostilled, the DCA authenticates the original seals and signatures of the public officer who signed and sealed (stamped) the document in an official capacity.

In California. the Secretary of State will verify a notarized document, verifying the signature and seal (stamp) of the Notary Public, and attach the Apostille Certificate to the Notarial Certificate that the Notary Public notarized. In other words. the Apostille is authenticating the notarial act of the Notary Public, which is recognized as valid for use outside of the United States. That is why every document, whether it is a personal, business, court, or government document must be either certified by the proper government agency or notarized before the document can be Apostilled. The process and certification requirements for each type of document can vary by county, state, and/or federal agency. The Apostille Agents at Jim the Notary and Apostille are local and national experts in this document legalization process. Let Jim the Notary and Apostille's experts Apostille your documents in a timely manner, no matter where you are in the United States.

Please note: Only documents that originate in the United States can be Apostilled for use in a country outside the United States. (Please contact our offices for more information.)

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